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Just breathe.  Hopefully most will agree that breathing is a vital component of the life force in all of us.  Without breathe, life ceases to exist.  While it has undoubtedly been the subject of many articles on health, it has also been referenced in poems, quotations, and rhetoric phrases throughout the ages of time.  We have all gave credence to that awe-inspiring "First Breathe of Life" just as we have mourned the fatal "Last Breathe of Life".  However, breathing is an autonomic bodily function that while depended on, is often taken for granted.  Most are simply aware that breathing is normal, required, may be altered through illness, and will halt upon death.  However, there is so much more to understand the true propensity...

May 2, 2016

Welcome to May, 2016.  Love pictures of quality family moments caught up in the freshness of the moment and beautiful yogis who appears happy from the inside-out.  Now that is a goal for all of us.  Have you ever walked barefoot on the beach or sat and playfully dipped your toes in the sand.  Now, have you ever watched the wild abandon as a child plays joyfully in those same shifting sands?  They run to the sea, time and again, squealing with delight as the endless waves chase them back to the shore.  They sit in the soft tidal sand digging dutifully as they expose tiny sea creatures, build wonderful castles for their newly discovered friends, and cry openly when the ocean reclaims each tiny grain of sand.  As they fill their pa...

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