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Catering to all Mermaids, our Spa Parties & Day Spa Packages for ages 2 and up, make party planning as stress free as possible for parents, while making the child's time at the spa a totally fun, pampering, and memorable experience.  

Call us at (302) 727 5025 to Book your Spa Party.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 with your credit card authorization on file, will reserve your date and time.  The balance must be paid in full 48 hours prior to the scheduled event and will automatically be processed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event.  For cancellations with greater than 48-hour notice, the full amount will be refunded less the booking deposit of $100.  For cancellations with less than 48 hours' noticed, 50% of the party cost will be refunded.  There is no refund for cancellations with notice of 24 hours or less.  

Children's Nail services include soak, clean, lotion, and paint;  we do not cut, clip, or file the nail or cuticle. 


The responsible adult parent in charge of the party reservation is required to stay for the duration of the event.  At least 2 adults must remain on the premises for every 3 children attending.  We encourage all parents of children 3 and under to stay, and we will be happy to provide a chair for you to watch and take pictures.  Please Note:  Any participant who normally requires ongoing medical care or private duty nursing, etc...., must have this caregiver present to provide constant supervision for the duration of the event.  Safety First!  


If any child has allergies, or food intolerances, the parent of that child is allowed to bring their party food to the spa 15 mins prior to the start of the party.  The food must be in a labeled and disposable container.   

Children should wear light clothing that will be comfortable with the addition of a spa robe.  Children are not allowed to change clothes on the premises.


All Bathroom visits by children, aged 4 and under, shall be chaperoned by either their parent, or the responsible adult parent in charge of the party reservation.  Children must remain in the party room area at all times, and responsible adult parent must be present at all times to provide supervision as needed.   

All participants require signed waivers and permission slips from each parent or legal guardian, including a witness of such signature by the adult parent in charge of the reservation.  Parents, by signing, represent and agree that this adult is trusted with the supervision and care of their child.   

Call us at (302) 727 5025 to Book your Spa Party.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 with your credit card on file, will reserve your date and time.  The balance must be paid in full 48 hours prior to the scheduled event, and will automatically be processed 48 hours prior to the event, after which, no refunds will be allowed.  


Children's Themed Spa Party (2 + hours) .............. $350 

     Theme Choices Include:

1 - Ariel's Mini Mermaid Spa Party

2 - Arista's Pampered Princess Spa Party

3 - Alana's Little Luau Spa Party

4 - Adella's Beach Blast Spa Party

5 - Rainbows & Unicorns Spa Party

6 - Magical Minnie (available soon)

Tweens & Teens Spa Party (3+ hours) (per person).........$100

7 - Pre-teen Glitz & Glam (available soon)

8 - Teens Just Wanna Have Fun Spa Party (available soon)

  • Includes up to 6 guests (each additional guest $50 and based on availability)  (Tweens/Teens - $100 pp)

  • Manicures with lotion & choice of nail polish

  • Pedicures with Sugar Scrub, lotion, and choice of nail polish.  

  • Cupcake for each, Goldfish, and Water

  • Balloons and Party Table

  • Goody Bags with 3 Themed Favors for each guest

  • Use of Child-sized Spa Robes and Spa Headbands 

  • Grand Finale for pictures and fun!  

  • Tweens/Teens - Regular Spa Mani & Pedi

  • Tweens/Teens - Goody Bags - age-appropriate favors

Most Popular Add-ons:

  • Simple Braid or Pony Tail with Tiara and Magical Mermaid Dust - $7.50 pp

Party Food & Beverage:

  • 16" Pizza -  $20.00  

  • Ice Cream Bar (6) - $50 

  • Soda - $10

  • Juice - $20

  • Themed Birthday Cake - 6" Round - $35

  • Decorate your own Cookie (party of 6) - $30


  • Extra Fun:Soft Mermaid Dolls  - $20 & up

  • Soft-Stuffed Aquatic Animals - $20 & up

  • Sparkle Tutu - $10

  • Mermaid Costume - $35

  • Children's Flip Flops $2.50

30 min Craft Bar - $75 + (TBA - Coming Soon)

45 min Paint Bar - $100+ (TBA - Coming Soon)

Invite a Character:

  • Magical Mermaid - $50

  • Other Characters - $100 (TBA - Coming Soon)



Children's Day Spa

  • Manicure with Lotion - $15

  • Pedicure with Sugar Scrub - $25

  • Bath Bomb - $6

  • More coming soon........

Children's Day Spa Package - $50 pp

  • Mani with lotion & choice of polish

  • Pedi with  Sugar Scrub, Bath Bomb, & choice of polish

  • Cooling Eye Pads

  • Goody Bag

  • (Tweens & Teens - Regular Spa Pricing if regular spa services)

Note: We do not cut file, or trim nail or cuticle in Children's Mani & Pedi.  Older children/Tweens/Teens, who may prefer regular Spa Mani & Pedi, may do so with parental consent and signed waiver.  Regular Spa Service Prices are charged for Regular Spa Services.  





                               Mommy & Me Spa Packages

  • Includes Mini-Massages & Facials (30 mins of each for both of you in our Couples Room for 1 hour of Blissful Bonding

  • Spa Mani & Pedi for Mom and Child Mani & Pedi for for child

  • Fruit Munchies & Mermaid Cupcakes

  • Child Favor Bag/FarmHouse Fresh Sampler for Mom

  • Use of comfy Spa Robes & Spa Headbands for both

  • Plenty of great picture opportunities

  • She will love it and you will too!

  • Also great for Dads Grandmothers, & Granddads

  • $325 Full Package - "Young Children"

  • $375 Full Package - "Tween/Teen" - Includes regular Spa Mani & Pedi for both/FarmHouse Fresh Samplers for both

  • $160 Mani/Pedi Only Package - "Young Children"

  • $200 Mani/Pedi Only Package - "Tweens/Teens"

  • Gift Cards Available too - Great Gift - No Expiration Date

  • To Purchase, give us a call or stop by the Spa

  • Or Shop Here -  

Once you have decided, and ready to reserve your date, just give us a call to confirm availability.  We will then take your credit card information, and charge your booking deposit of $100, which will be applied to your total balance due.  The remaining balance will be charged 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. We require 48 hours cancellation notice.  Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will receive a total of 50% refund.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are not refundable. 


Spa Party Agreement, Liability Waiver,  and Credit Card Authorization will be forwarded to your email after your date is reserved, for your prompt return.  

The price of Spa Services do not include Gratuity for your therapists. A minimum of 20% Gratuity is appreciated.  Thank You!