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Nail Services

Barefoot Spa Manicure - Trim, File, Buff, Cuticle Removal, Light Hydrating Massage, & OPI Infinite Shine Polish*  Approx. 60 mins - $35


Barefoot Deluxe Manicure - Also includes customized Mask & Hot Towels* Approx. 60 mins - $40.

Barefoot Sea Bliss Discovery Manicure - Includes Deluxe Manicure & Sea-B-D Upgrade.  Approx. 60 mins* - $50

Barefoot Spa Pedicure - Includes Trim, File, Buff, Cuticle/Callus Removal, Exfoiiation, Hydrating Massage, Infinite Shine Polish*Approx. 60 mins -$55 


Barefoot Deluxe Pedicure - Also includes Customized Mask, Hot Towels, & Specialty Soak. Approx. 75+ mins* - $60

Barefoot CBD Pedicure - Includes Deluxe Pedicure & CBD Upgrade* Approx. 75+ mins - $75


OPI Gel Polish Upgrade                             $15*

Gel Soak-off                                                 $25*

OPI Powder Perfection Dip  Upgrade       $25*

Dip Removal                                                $25*

Dip Mani with Tips                                     $80*

Nail Artistry Designs                                 $25*

French Nails Upgrade                                $10

Sea-B-D Upgrade                                       $15

Child Manicure (no cut, file,trim)             $15

Child Pedicure - (no cut, file, trim)           $25

Child's Day Spa (Mani/Pedi/Facial).      $50

Gentlemen's Manicure (no polish)            $30

Gentlemen's Pedicure (no polish)              $50

Polish Change (regular polish)                 $15

Repair (per nail)                                         $5

Paraffin (hands "or" feet)                         $30   

Express Mani                                              $25 

Express Pedi                                               $40 


*Dip, Gel, Acrylic Removal must be booked in advance, and upgrades that include Dip or Gels must also be booked in advance.  Nail Artistry must also be booked in advance.  If you book a normal spa or deluxe manicure or pedicure, there may not be enough time in between appointments to add on such extra services, as we book appointments based on the time that each requires.  Also, once you book a Spa or Deluxe Mani or Pedi, but actually fail to pre-book for a removal or upgrade, this time has already been reserved for you, and therefore, no refund will apply or be provided.  However, we will hold this as a spa credit on your account for a future visit.         


Children's Themed Spa Party.                 $350

Includes up to 6 girls/

Each additional child $50 pp

(Age 3 & Up). 

(See web page)

Mommy & Me Packages Also Available!

(See Children's Spa Party Web Page)  

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