Vitamin Sea Membership makes a great gift to others or self.  You will be able to enjoy a regular monthly service to support your health and wellness goals, making excellent skincare and relaxation a matter of routine bliss.  Enjoy a 60 minute Swedish/Relaxation Massage or Treasure of the Sea Facial or any of Barefoot's other spa services with a retail value up to $90, each and every month.  You will also enjoy 10% savings on all retail products, any workshops, or special spa events, and receive a complimentary Aromatherapy of the Month offering, all for $69/month autocharged to your credit card on file, offering an annual approximate minimum savings of $250.  For even more savings, the Annual Paid in Advance price of $750 includes the same benefits but offer an annual approximate minimum savings of $330.  This ilisting is for the monthly auto-charge membership.  If you are interested in the Prepaid Annual Membership, please see the alternate listing.

Vitamin Sea Monthly Membership

  • Savings as above listed also include an additional 10% off retail spa purchases, workshops, and special spa events, but does not apply to yoga, exercise, or dance classes.  Your membership, which can be discontinued at any time with 30 days advance notice, will continue until you provide written notice to discontinue such. The current monthly subscription rate is guaranteed for one year upon signup.   A credit card authorization is required for auto-processing upon signup and will be charged on or around the 28th day of the month, prior to the next month of services.  

  • Cancellation of monthly memberships require 30 days advance written notice, and subject to a $100 cancellation fee,  You will remain entitled to the last monthly service for which payment was successfully processed.  A signed membership agreement and credit card authorization is required upon signup.