Another lovely therapy  from our Summer Escape Series, the Wrinkle-out Watermelon Wrap & Massage will definitely put you in the lazy summer day mode.  Soft like velvet, this kneading is so silky your skin will beg for a second helping. 


Beginning with nestling arms and legs in a squalance and hyaluronic gelee cocoon formulated to brighten skin tone and hydrate, this blend with lycopene-rich watermelon extract seriously softens.  Stiff muscles are kneaded using effleurage strokes with a light-as-a-feather body mousse.  Let the juicy notes of watermelon dazzle and delight as this body treatment fills all your senses and drifts you into a peaceful state of relaxation for a full 75 mins.  This lovely experience will climax with fresh watermelon from our own locally famous Dickerson Farms (pending availability) which is the absolute sweetest watermelon you will ever taste..... and...... Champagne & Chocolate.  


Couples or Besties -  Simply book 2 and share this with a special someone in our couples room.   

Wrinkle-out Watermelon Wrap & Massage