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Barefoot on the Beach Full Spectrum Yoga for Mind, Body, & More....

Attain a greater understanding of self while unraveling the tensions hidden within the deepest layers of the body.

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Yoga that is suitable for

any-body and every-body.

yoga and yoga therapy Rehoboth Beach DE


Yoga on the Beach

women yoga at the beach
yoga class and beach relaxation
Diversity in yoga


Yoga Nursing,

A  medical yoga

model of care,

can be done seated

in a chair or standing. 

yoga and yoga therapy

Sacred Remedy Rx
Sacred Breath, Sacred Movement, Sacred Rest


Where there is obstruction, there is dis-ease.

Where there is flow there is ease.


Flowing water never goes bad........ Become as flowing water.


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Barefoot on the Beach Spa & Wellness Studio

18389 Olde Coach Dr Unit 2,

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


Mon: Closed
​​Tuesday: 10AM - 6PM

​​Wednesday: 10AM - 6PM

​​Thursday: 10AM - 6PM

Friday: 10AM - 6PM

​​Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
​Sunday: Closed

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*Services By Appointment

Walk-ins subject to availability

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