Facials & Face Treatments

Barefoot Babe Signature Facial - Ultimate facial including thorough analysis of skin, followed by a personalized pampering blend of care customized to your needs, including dual cleanse, exfoliation, steam extractions, custom mask, vitamin "sea" serum, deep moisturizing & sun protection, plus a lip & eye treatment, hand treatment, & relaxing neck & shoulder massage for an inner & outer beach glow, no matter what time of year!  (Our most popular) 

60 mins - $100           75 mins - $120

Treasure of the Sea Facial - Reduce toxins, oil, & congestion with dual cleansers, exfoliation, steam extractions, & mask, taming problem areas including acne & inflammation, followed by a skin care analysis, with crucial skincare secrets.  Perfect for all skin types - teens, males & females.

60 mins - $90

Restorative Ocean Facial - Anti-aging & firming, using the finest organic ingredients combined with antioxidant algae complexes & a blend of essential oils to stimulate collagen production.  Vitamin C & B5 serums, and dual masks minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, leaving your skin dewy & youthful.  Includes extractions, lip & eye treatments, sun protection, & our relaxing neck, shoulder & hand massage.  

60 mins - $100          75 mins - $120

King Triton Masculine-Strength Facial - Bring out those undeniably handsome features with a blend of care, strong enough for a man, including hot steam towels, extractions, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, masks, serums, & moisturizers, leaving skin purged of impurities and adorably youthful. Includes an ultra relaxing neck & shoulder massage.  Great for treating ingrown hairs too.  

60 mins $100          75 mins - $120

Mini-Mermaid or Mini Merman Express Facial - Perfect for that after-beach glow, no matter the season.  Includes dual cleanse, toner, steam, exfoliation, moisturizer & sun protection, along with a refreshing and hydrating mist for ultimate calming.  Regular facials are also a great defense against Maskne (mask-related acne). 

30 -45 mins - $50 

Maskne Express Facial - If wearing the mask is causing a flare-up of worrisome acne, you may find this facial to be helpful.  Includes targeted therapy & advise for fighting inflammation & acne secondary to the mask.

30 mins-45 mins - $65     2 per month - $100(due at first visit)    Series of 6(2 per month) -  $325 (due at first visit = Last visit FREE) 


Bare Back Facial - Backs need care too, and this is one area that is almost impossible in your self-care routine. Includes dual cleansers, exfoliation, extractions, deep moisturizing, and a relaxing back & shoulder massage.

60 mins - $85

Barefoot Babe Signature Facial & Diamond Microdermabrasion Package

A perfect combination.  This therapy blend will leave your face revitalized and rejuvenated with a wonderful youthful glow.  Available as single-session or set of 3.

75 mins - $130

Set of 3 - $360 (advance payment only)


Barefoot Perfection (New & All-Inclusive) 

Our Barefoot Babe Facial, super-charged, will keep your face and complexion as youthful and dewy as you deserve.  Everyone loves this facial, and our new all-inclusive now includes your therapist-recommended advance modalities too, such as galvanic Infusion, Dermaplaning, etc....

75 mins - $150.


Facial Treatments

Galvanic Infusion (Facial Add-on) - Give your face a glow & minimize fine lines & wrinkles, detoxify, prevent acne, with the use of mild electric currents consisting of positive & negative ions to rejuvenate and refresh your first impression.  

15 mins - $35     

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment (Facial Add-on) - Improving the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while providing a mini-face lift utilizing high level sound wave technology that penetrates beneath the skin's surface to promote renewal and new collagen, tones muscles, combats puffiness, and improves overall skincare penetration.

30 mins - $50

Dermaplane - Utilizing a surgical blade to gently exfoliate the skin, dermaplaning gently removes dead skin cells & soft facial hair/peach fuzz.  It promotes a smoother skin surface as it reduces the appearance of acne scars and fine lines, and allows more effective penetration of skincare products.  

45-60 mins - $75   (Facial Add-on - 15 mins - $40)  


Diamond Microdermabrasion - Noninvasive and therapeutic approach to gently exfoliate skin, utilizing a crystal-free diamond tip & vacuum pressure, to smooth & refine, revealing fresh & revitalized skin.  

45-60 mins - $110


Advanced Facial Care - Professional Power Peels by dermalogica including 4 Power Peels addressing your individual needs including ultra-brightening, resurfacing, AGE-reversal, & powerclear.  Customized to your specific needs.  Prices Vary - Free Consultation by appointment only.   


Make-up Application - 45-60 mins - $45-$60 

Make-up Consultation - 60 mins - $60

False Strip Lash Application - $25