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Elevating the art of wellness to new heights, our skilled therapists invite you to unwind and rejuvenate amidst a tranquil sanctuary designed to soothe the senses and nourish the soul.

Learn more about our massage services offered here.

Barefoot Signature Massage

Fusing the gentle pressure of a Swedish Massage with a deeply therapeutic full hot steam herbal towel treatment, you will begin this blissful  experience with a soothing breathing ritual to open mind, body, & spirit as you choose the aroma that will journey with you on this ultra relaxation experience relieving pain & stress & restoring a lasting sense of peace and balance.

30 mins - $70    45 mins - $95     60 mins - $120    90 mins - $155

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Melting the muscles & the mind with long fluid strokes to rid the body and mind of unwanted stress and tension.  Helps to improve muscle tone, circulation, & joint flexibility.

30 mins - $65     45 mins - $90    60 mins - $110     90 mins - $140

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves aches & pains that are stored in the deepest parts of the muscles, working out knots & alleviating the most stubborn tension & soreness.  

30 mins - $80    45 mins - $110     60 mins - $140     90 mins - $180

Blended Massage

Get the best of both worlds with this blend of Deep Tissue and our Barefoot Signature Massage. Deeply therapeutic and blissful relaxation to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, & suffering.  

30 mins - $75     45 mins - $100     60 mins - $130     90 mins - $165

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

Hot basalt river stones, warm oil, and massage will unravel tension & stress in the body and provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

60 mins - $145     90 mins - $175

Herbal Poultice Therapeutic Massage

Full body massage including the medicinal practice deeply routed in Thai history, which utilizes deep heat & organic herbs to penetrate the deepest layers of the body, serving to detoxify, reduce pain, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and provide ultra conditioning of the skin.

60 mins - $175     90 mins - $210

Mu-Xing Therapy (Bamboo Bliss Massage)

A blissful total sense of relaxation, this holistic massage combines warm bamboo and deeply rejuvenating pressure to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage as you enjoy a return to balance & well-being within.  

60 mins - $160     90 mins - $190

Sea Bliss Discovery Massage (CBD)

Our Signature Massage with relaxation and rejuvenation at its very best.  The intense relaxation you will enjoy with this therapeutic plant-based oil and body work will sink you and your senses into a blissful scenario with an ultimate release of stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering that will last long past the massage.  This is a massage for serious believers in massage as a modality to ease the pain, and feel the positive energy that only massage therapy can release with such truth and propensity, combined with the special oils that work together to heal mind, body, and soul.  

30 mins - $100     45 mins - $125     60 mins - $150     90 mins - $190    

Pre-Natal Massage

Therapeutic massage focused on the special needs of mama-to-be as the body changes during pregnancy, helping to reduce swelling, soothe aches, improve sleep, relieve stress, & provide emotional support.  (Not available in 1st Trimester). 

30 mins - 65    45 mins - $90     60 mins - $110    90 mins - $140

Couples Massage

Enjoy a customized massage in our dual suite as you delight in a sensual & romantic journey with that special someone as you both sink into a deep state of relaxation & ultimate bliss. 

60 mins - $240    90 mins - $310

Myofascial Release

An alternative medicine modality which employs gentle and constant massage techniques which focus on stretching and manual pressure to assist in releasing tightness and pain throughout myofascial tissues.  May be useful for treating skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.  

45 mins - $110     60 mins - $135     90 mins $175


A Japanese form of energy healing, and another form of alternative medicine.  Techniques including "palm" healing and "hands-on" healing may be employed as a "universal energy" is transferred though the practitioner's palms to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.  Find Balance and Release in this Full Therapeutic Session 

30 mins - $65     45 mins - $90     60 mins - $115     90 mins - $150

Massage Add-ons & Upgrades
(may be added to any massage)

FarmHouse Fresh Upgrade - $25

Cupping Therapy (15 mins) - $35

Sea Bliss (CBD) Upgrade - $30

Deep Relaxation Massage - Neck, Shoulders, Scalp (15 mins) - $25

Hands/Feet Deep Hydration (15 mins) - $25

AromaTouch Application of Oils - Back (15 mins) - $35

AromaTouch Application of Oils - Hands, Feet (15 mins) - $35

Chair Massage (10 mins) - $25

*Top shelf massage oils for ultra relaxation massage and lasting therapeutic value upgrade available upon request.

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Barefoot on the Beach Spa & Wellness Studio

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