Back Massage


Barefoot Signature Massage - Fusing the gentle pressure of a Swedish Massage with a deeply therapeutic full hot steam herbal towel treatment, you will begin this blissful  experience with a soothing breathing ritual to open mind, body, & spirit as you choose the aroma that will journey with you on this ultra relaxation experience relieving pain & stress & restoring a lasting sense of peace and balance.

60 mins - $100    90 mins - $135

Swedish Relaxation Massage - Melting the muscles & the mind with long fluid strokes to rid the body and mind of unwanted stress and tension.  Helps to improve muscle tone, circulation, & joint flexibility.

30 mins - $ 60     60 mins - $95     90 mins - $130

Deep Tissue Massage - Relieves aches & pains that are stored in the deepest parts of the muscles, working out knots & alleviating the most stubborn tension & soreness.  

30 mins - $70     60 mins - $120     90 mins - $155

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage - Hot basalt river stones, warm oil, and massage will unravel tension & stress in the body and provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

60 mins - $125     90 mins - $160

Herbal Poultice Therapeutic Massage - Full body massage including the medicinal practice deeply routed in Thai history, which utilizes deep heat & organic herbs to penetrate the deepest layers of the body, serving to detoxify, reduce pain, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and provide ultra conditioning of the skin.

60 mins - $155     90 mins - $185

Mu-Xing Therapy (Bamboo Bliss Massage) - A blissful total sense of relaxation, this holistic massage combines warm bamboo and deeply rejuvenating pressure to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage as you enjoy a return to balance & well-being within.  

60 mins - $135     90 mins - $165

CBD Massage - Our Signature Massage with relaxation and rejuvenation at its very best.  The intense relaxation you will enjoy with the addition of CBD will sink you and your senses into a blissful scenario of ultimate release of stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering.  This is a massage for serious believers in massage as a modality to ease the pain, and feel the positive energy that only massage therapy can release with such truth and propensity.  

60 mins -$130. (or add-on CBD to existing massage for $30)   

Pre-Natal Massage - Therapeutic massage focused on the special needs of mama-to-be as the body changes during pregnancy, helping to reduce swelling, soothe aches, improve sleep, relieve stress, & provide emotional support.  (Not available in 1st Trimester). 

30 mins - $60     60 mins - $95     90 mins - $130

Couples Massage - Enjoy a customized massage in our dual suite as you delight in a sensual & romantic journey with that special someone as you both sink into a deep state of relaxation & ultimate bliss. 

60 mins - $200    90 mins - $290

Massage Focus of  shoulder, neck, & scalp - Need special attention to these overly stressed areas?  If so, you will love this 30 min therapy with a sole focus on these stressed-out areas. 

30 mins - $60 (or add-on to existing massage service for $50) 

Massage & Reiki dual session - While enjoying a Swedish Relaxation Massage, also reap the healing benefits of Reiki for a full hour of dual therapies.  60 mins - $180 

Massage Mini Add-ons  (may be added to any massage - extra time required for some therapies & noted)

Botanical Eye Treatment - Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, & puffiness - $25 

Paraffin Heat Therapy - Hand - Softens skin, ease muscles & joints - $25, Feet - $30, Hands & Feet - $50

Hand/Foot Dry Brush Exfoliation & Hydration - Removes dry dead cells and ultra hydration  15 mins - $25

Shoulder, Neck, & Scalp Warm Oil Massage for Intense Relaxation -  20 mins - $45

Breathing Ritual & Choice of Aromatherapy - $10

Reiki - 30 mins -$60