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Riding the waves of the storm, the reality and the illusion.

Barefoot on the Beach, Spa & Wellness Studio is preparing to ride the waves of what appears to be a potentially destructive storm for which there presents no firm date for a return to the safety of the shore. Undeniably, Barefoot was not expecting this calamity, no more than countless other individuals or small businesses. But the reality of the situation is that COVID-19 is all too real at this moment. Contrary to the illusion of many naysayers, this global health threat which has already affected many around the world, and now infiltrated into our homeland, is perceived by many to be a dangerous virus which may kill countless Americans. The reality is that we do not yet realize how much the public health and safety of our citizens will be impacted. Most have become acquainted with the truth as it has been provided, and most have heard various facts which appear to be subject to much personal, political, and often biased opinions. However, as many will agree, this nasty virus needs to be eradicated before needless lives suffer through illness, possible death, and the potential for the financial destruction for many hard-working Americans and small businesses who are not sufficiently prepared for this developing onslaught.

Basic principles of faith, as many of us were taught as a child, advised that we do not have to see something in order to believe that it exists. According to Merriam Webster, an illusion can be misleading, or something that deceives intellectually. Illusions simply distort our perception of reality, and are based on our interpretation and general assumptions. Of course, when illusion becomes all too real, the denial of the illusion will become silenced, as reality gains ground and becomes the evidence-based actuality.

Whether reality or illusion, it is time to take precautions. We see the world around us changing and evolving to protect the public. Whether you believe in the reality or are stuck in the denial of illusion, it is time to take action to stop the spread of this disease. Not caring if you believe or not, is now an understatement. America is depending on each of us to protect and serve our home, and our people. No drama, no pananoia, just simple guidelines to follow as we ride the waves of this storm, and do the right thing.

Barefoot on the Beach will continue to ride the waves toward the shore. However, whether illusion or reality, this is becoming all too real.

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