Barefoot on the Beach

A safe and relaxing haven, where the effects of stressful and hurried lifestyles, are left at the door, 

Offering the perfect touch to restore natural balance for each individual  journey to the deep pleasure of a healthy body, a clear mind, and a balanced life.

Assists to align each on their personal pathway to wellbeing, happiness, and longevity. 

Utilizes simple, heartfelt, hands-on techniques to bring about a better integration of mind, body, and spirit while providing a lasting sense of peace.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." _Jacques Cousteau, French scientist and oceanographer.  







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Meet The Barefoot Team

Shirley A. Class, RN MSN PHCNS-BC,

Founder & Director of Wellness

Certified Health Coach, Svaroopa®Basics Yoga Teacher, & Embodyment®Therapist & Certified Yoga Nurse®.


Believing that age is a number, not a diagnosis, she believes that all journeys can be enlightened and improved, as we each accept that there is beauty and peace in knowing we are each perfectly imperfect, and we each have the free will to progress on a pathway to an improved state of wellness, beauty, and longevity.  


As a nurse, yoga teacher, and health coach, she is focused not only on reducing stress, anxiety, pain, & suffering through holistic and caring service, but also living in the present moment as she pursues a positive and joyful life.  Whether in the spa or next door at Bayside Homes, assisting retirees as they transition to a simpler lifestyle at the Delaware Beach, she loves traveling, gardening, and spending time with family, especially her beautiful grandchildren.   


Asheley M. Redden, BS, LE, LMT, BCTMB

Director of Massage & Esthetics

Asheley brings a wealth of experience and training to Barefoot on the Beach including a well-rounded degree in Alternative Medicine where she explored a multitude of Complimentary & Alternative Modalities lending a holistic element to her provision of care in the field of wellness.  Her studies focused primarily on non-conventional alternatives in the wellness spectrum and included Eastern and Western Philosophy, Ayurvedic Principles, Aromatherapy, Dietary Theory and  more.


Her studies in Massage & Bodywork, including extensive studies in Human Anatomy, was completed at the Florida College of Natural Health. She holds Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork & is a  Licensed Massage Therapist in Delaware, Maryland, and Florida.  She is also a member of the American Massage Therapists Association (AMTA).  Continuing her education, she is now qualified in various Massage & Bodywork Techniques which should serve clients well.  

Also, a Licensed Esthetician, she is able to provide a full range of skin care including facials, micro-dermabrasion, laser light therapy, waxing, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, lash extensions, spray tanning, make-up, and much more. And she continues to subscribe to a passion for lifelong learning.   


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Barefoot on the Beach

Spa & Wellness Studio

18389 Olde Coach Drive, Unit 2

Rehoboth Beach, DE  19971

(302) 727 5025 

Services By Appointment

Walk-ins subject to availability

We are following all Guidelines accompanied by strict sanitation measures to ensure your safety & that of our Team.  Temperatures are taken upon arrival. Please do the right thing and cancel your appointment if you are ill, or have any reason to suspect you may have been exposed.  Face masks are required.  There are no charges for appointments that are cancelled due to Covid.  

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And the flower emerged from the murky depths and opened her petals, one by one, revealing inner strength and beauty,  previously locked inside, and she shared this new joy with the world.

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